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It has been brought to our attention (mine and Marmers’) that our Antipodean pal, Roy, has been asking of our whereabouts over on MadLamb’s blog (that’s what it’s called, but we all know it is Mistpurr Spock’s blog really) so I thought it would be nice to update him on our doings and goings and comings as it were.

Having moved here to our new Wee Hoose, Lintrollersquoy, over on the sunny Firth of Forth in February 2012, we are purrty much settled in, though not really chuffed with all the upheavals re knocking down of walls, blocking in of doors, hoicking out of chimney breasts, building of sheddage and as for the garret…don’t GET ME STARTED!!!

The one bit of jinery of which we both appurrove is of course what Spock would call the ‘flappery’ in the back door, but the wild disruption of New Kitchen was almost a pawprint too far for cats of a nervously genteel disposition I can tell you!

This and the following photographs will be old hat to our Facebook Friends, but this is just for Roy…











I rest from strenuous sundry choppings, pokings and polishing the hearthstone



a warming New Year image for downunder


an extremely tasteful repurresentation of moi


St Andrews Day at the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther


Posing elegantly in front of Wee Stove: we have since moved all the logs and briquettes away from the stove on the advice of Lynn who sold it to us.

What lucky we posted this photo on Facebook or there may have been an unintentional conflagration and a short-lived residency in Lintrollersquoy.

Happy New Year to our Chum in a Land Downunder!


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At last! I have a brand new climbing frame to play on/in. What a time it’s taken! I purrsonally didn’t mind the concrete/bits-of-laminate floor, nor the tiny cooker (what’s a cooker to a cat, after all) nor the bare bits of new plaster, though I do draw the line at dust, and there was more than a little of that, but I really missed the High Ground for doing a bit of Lithe Leaping and Lolling on. Now that my cupboards are in and the table&chairs released from someplace called Storage, everything is just tickety-boo.

Best of all, I can escape Moitherin’ Marmers; his physique *chortle* doesn’t allow him to do the Triple L and he stays firmly rooted to the seablue vinyl.

Here I am responding in my usual helpful way to Fpu’s appearing with Digicam…







There’s a very very odd thing at the turn of the stairs…think it might’ve fallen out of Desperate Dan’s Peh. Just as long as it doesn’t tomber on moi.

Au revoir.

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It’s been an interesting ‘summer’ in the Museum Courtyard, what with the ongoing weeding, the depredations of the May gale, the miserable damp weather and the Installation by Keiko, which is the best thing to happen so far, because Keiko  likes plants and has shown true respect for all the tiny things growing between the cobbles.

Which is more than can be said for a few brats…

She has even put protective bits of ballast and old roof tile around some that might otherwise have been trampled by careless feet coming to look at her work.

The feet purrobably weren’t doing the looking, it was much more likely the persons attached to same… Clarifications&Corrections R Us.

This sunny box under the wooden walkway suffered least from the wind and the lobelia and nasturtiums went a bit mad. But in a nice way.

These plastic ‘window’ boxes, probably kindly donated, are too small to hold their water and were very badly hit by the storm, just after planting. A bit stunted, but hanging in there. Watered regularly by Coull Deas MBE, fisherman retd age 86. Some kid!

Fishermen’s Association Pittenweem fishbox with rampant nasturtiums. The lobelia, alyssum and pansies got a bit swamped, but the bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies love nasturtiums and Empress of India trails everywhere in an artistic sort of way.

The fenders, nets, kist, basket, ballast and rope look in keeping, but possibly not the watering can and wheelbarrow!

Just to round things off, here’s a gratuitous photo of Reaper’s sail, hoisted at a recent event in Newburgh, taken from the companionway.

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…started with a BANG! – quite a lot of bangs really – which magnificent display the pu’s were able to watch from a walled garden on the hillside. Seeing a parade of Chinese lanterns float into the clouds beforehand was quite excitin’ but unphotographable with tiny Catcam, so here’s one bang…

The weather was very mixed through the week, but never so dreadful as to Put Anyone Off, unless they were a total wimp. Just about every venue of over 90 was visited, but, this being our second PAF, some one or two were avoided because they were not quite our taste…

It’s very interesting to see how some folks develop their work and others…pretty much stick to the formula. Sometimes one was hard-pressed not to utter the words ‘Jackson Pollocks’ but it wouldn’t do if we all liked the same things.

Fpu was quite restrained and only bought one watercolour, a pottery leaf, three glass balls and a mug.

Favourite artist…Georgie Young

…and her garden which has taken two years to bring to its idyllic state of purrfection

Let’s go for a stroll in the ‘weem. At times it is more of a climb than a stroll, and very reminiscent of the Stromness Closes. Awfully good for the calf muscles.

Descending School Wynd. Full mountaineering gear recommended for the weak of head and leg.

Surely there should be graffitti  – ‘Asterix wuz ‘ere’ or somesuch.

Cute wee hairy dug and petunias.

Louise Scott, etcher, via North and South Ronaldsay and Glasgow.

Along the Shore Road

Seaside blues.

Susan McGill pottery at Number 30.

Poor man. Stranded and calling the Coastguard. How very embarrassing.

Kaneyuki Shimoosako on the harbour wall, looking…’at the structures fundamental to nature and adopting a minimal approach influenced by the Japanese Zen Garden and its sublime intention and philosophy.’ So there you have it.

a bit of a vista l

Number 90, invited artist Keiko Mukaide.

Net Installation by Fishermen of Pittenweem.

A bit of a vista ll

Ancient Stone Art. Title: Gizza Kiss Then (you know you want to).

A bit of a vista lll

St Fillans Cave. There was a sort of an installation in there, but we never quite got a round tuit.

Wildflower meadow in Cove Wynd

Cove Wynd

A bit of a vista lV

Tim Cockburn paints carousing kilted Scots like no-one else.

Last year the charity knits were knitted fishes and hung on a net on the harbour wall: this year, the theme was tea cosies, and I so wanted to post some photos of amazingly varied cosies, but someone took Catcam on the wrong day, when they weren’t doing Tea Cosy Teas and the church hall was shut! Maybe they’ll put some pics on the website…

What a fine notice. Beware Of The Cat. Every home should have one.

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We’ve been a bit lackadaisical of late, fpu and me, but we’ve Pulled Ourselves Together, managing not to go to pot in the purrocess (though I believe we do know someone who Grows Their Own {shockin’}) and have slaved long and hard to download photos, upload photos, sideload photos – blimey, photowise I don’t know if I’m comin’ or goin’. Not nice for a kitty of delicat sensitivities I can tell you.

Last week was our first and most certainly not our last Pittenweem Arts Festival. A thing of beauty and a joy to behold, from the sublime to the ridiculous with the occasional Bulgarian Atrocity thrown in for good measure. From professional to amateur, from water colours to oils, from knitted fish to tortured fabric via chainsawn wooden apples, it was all there.

There are those for whom every brush stroke counts and those for whom too many brush strokes count for nothing.

Eighty-eight venues. And we visited every one during a four day odyssey. The good folk of the town had rented out their front rooms, back rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, attics, basements, gazebos, garden sheds, conservatories, garages, empty shops, church halls, community halls, an actual church, marquees, awnings…the venues outshone the art at times, they were so multivarious.

Here’s Harry Porter writing in the East Fife Mail – ‘…I also witnessed the uttering of one of the greatest sentences ever, as one art connoisseur educated his partner, “One must become obsessed with the object; only when one has achieved that obsession may one then start to deconstruct.” ‘


And here he talks about a couple he “…followed…for a while, lapping up the bool-in-the-mooth dialogue on how bizarre it was that people still hung their clothes to dry on outside lines”

So I’ve included a photo of that same bizarre occurrence in the slideshow. Embra folks, ye cannie beat them…it’s the banter ye ken.

I am sorry to report that I never got the opporchancity to snap a photo of  fpu’s Wednesday T shirt, which bore the legend GROTESQUE OLD WOMAN and which elicited some choice comments. Purrobably just as well…not for the faint-hearted.

Meanwhile, on the House Purrchase front, moolah from various accounts has been consolidated and next week will be lodged with the solicitors; two brand new Catflaps of Opporchancity bought; John Lewis scoured for floors, material, furniture etc and an air of expectation hovers like a miasma around our temporary living space.

Marmers and I are becoming quite excited about the purrospect of being given the Freedom of Ferryport.

We were visited by MadLamb and Mia’s female Staff yesterday and we’d just like to say very thank you for the hugely tasty treat. And the other nice things…

So, back to the ‘Weem and a wee slideshow…

Pittenweem Art Festival

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