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Over the Festive Season we received several gifts. Naturally we try to be grateful and humble and all that stuff, but sometimes it’s hard. Purrticularly when the gifts are items of apparel which do not thrill us unreservedly! I meantersay, look at these here…

Honestly, who on earth would think it seemly to kit out a dignified cat such as me in a yellow bandanna. And I have no intention of wrapping my old harpoon in it either…

So what do you think of this lovely fluffy collar old pal?

I think I get the message. I’ll pass it on to Mr Tws if you like? What, you don’t like to be impurrlite to an old friend?

Now I wouldn’t like you to think that a) Marmers was asleep when he was collared or b) that I was bribed with biccies as a little purrsueder, no sirree! The very idea…

On a different note, here is Marmers out for a stroll in Rolling Ells and not minding the snow on his paws one little bit.

And to end, we were a bit disturbed to see that the picnic umbrellas in St Andies Botanics had been left out to get blown to shreds and then frozen rigid. What a mess they’ll be in when it thaws.

Purrlease pretty purrlease let it thaw!


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