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It has been brought to our attention (mine and Marmers’) that our Antipodean pal, Roy, has been asking of our whereabouts over on MadLamb’s blog (that’s what it’s called, but we all know it is Mistpurr Spock’s blog really) so I thought it would be nice to update him on our doings and goings and comings as it were.

Having moved here to our new Wee Hoose, Lintrollersquoy, over on the sunny Firth of Forth in February 2012, we are purrty much settled in, though not really chuffed with all the upheavals re knocking down of walls, blocking in of doors, hoicking out of chimney breasts, building of sheddage and as for the garret…don’t GET ME STARTED!!!

The one bit of jinery of which we both appurrove is of course what Spock would call the ‘flappery’ in the back door, but the wild disruption of New Kitchen was almost a pawprint too far for cats of a nervously genteel disposition I can tell you!

This and the following photographs will be old hat to our Facebook Friends, but this is just for Roy…











I rest from strenuous sundry choppings, pokings and polishing the hearthstone



a warming New Year image for downunder


an extremely tasteful repurresentation of moi


St Andrews Day at the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther


Posing elegantly in front of Wee Stove: we have since moved all the logs and briquettes away from the stove on the advice of Lynn who sold it to us.

What lucky we posted this photo on Facebook or there may have been an unintentional conflagration and a short-lived residency in Lintrollersquoy.

Happy New Year to our Chum in a Land Downunder!


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I just thought it would be nice to go for a bit of a scan around from the roof of Auld Shed: it was a lovely evening, I was feeling bouncy & sproingy and in need of a teensy-weensie frisson of excitement.

So up I jamp

Now what, I pondered?

Strangely, when I decided what I would do, fpu’s response was less than favourable!

It wasn’t long before I discovered why. Within a nanosecond of fpu and digicam popping in our back door, Mrs G (ID concealed to avoid litigation) shot out of hers like one of those weather-people (one whose outlook is always overcast and showery) and I careened through the Flapperchancity as if pursued by bears.

Should you want to see my own ‘Thoughts of KC’ just do that mousie-hovery thing over each image.

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On Wednesday, Marmers had his toothypegs scaled and polished. His molars had tartar all over them, the durrty sod that he is! As if you’d catch me with mucky teeth! The very idea…

This entailed him being deprived of food from midnight, trapped and incatcerated in his basket at 9am, and transported to Newport  in Purple Sweetie. He tried to evade capture, but fpu is versed in the ways of Marmers and grabbed him by various bits prior to insertion.

He was collected at 4pm with his Paperwork, which mentioned that he might be a bit dozy and wobbly and probably not very hungry. Aye right. This is Marmers we’re talking about. Within moments of being set loose, he was twining himself round fpu’s feet, purring like a big bumbleerie; no sooner was dinner in the bowls than he had his face in his, chomping his Whiskas with gusto; by the time fpu got back from Montrose Folk Club later that night, he had divested himself of his wrist bandage and we had had a jolly good game of fitba with it.

As you can see from his attitudes, he is not a big fan of cat baskets…


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Perils lurk in the Big Outside World of which a mere cat knows nothing.

It’s bad enough slipping slinkily out of one’s own Catflap of Opporchancity into one’s own Rolling Ell of a morning to find BBC teacosied malevolently under our bush, and having to call for back-up, without the need to go Farther Afield into towns and suchlike Scary Bits.

And, let me tell you, even fpu is not secure from the blandishments of Vile Capitalism: I knew we shouldn’t have let her go down to the end of the town without one of us.

It was only a trip to the Dump in Cupar: only a sudden decision to turn left out of Coal Road instead of right across endless traffic with the intention of using Lidl’s car park to do a U-ey: only the inadvertent thought, ‘I need olive oil’ – and look what happened!

Now, I may be just a innocent kitty, but that looks like a lot more than olive oil to me…

…but it is very comfee, and…

…Marmers purrefers Poäng, being of a more solid build, in both respects…

I purractice my Death-ray eye effect on fpu…

…and collect a few clumps of high-quality fluff for a gnat’s cushion…

…with the owner’s Full Permission would I lie to you? (Yes! ed.) NO!! I’ve no idea why that went red but it looks quite Cheery, so stet, A-men and suchlike.

I use my furry hammock (the £5:99 one, not Marmers:) all the time. It hangs on a Roaring Radiator and is extremely snugglesome.

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I’ve had a bit of an eventful day. Traumatic isn’t in it. Down to eight liffs in paw-to-paw Mortal Combat, and I’m not even sure who won. I’m so shaken I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours snuggled up with mpu under an ancient raggedy-edged patchwork quilt trying to forget the Horror, the Horror!

Here are the few clues that greeted fpu when she came down from answering emails…

mud on the Amtico…

…mud on the shiny white windowsill and on the frame of Joan Holdsworth’s lovely glass picture…

some soggy fur…

…and some more soggy fur – my lovely fluffy tail, dripping!

more mud on the Catflap of Safe-Haven

and a well-deserved wee treat, donated a while ago by An Admirer

Such a nasty experience to meet one’s Major Adversary, Big Black&Fluffy ******* Cat, in the Jungle beyond the Catflap of Doom: we had a major stand-off and somehow found at least one of us (ie me) in the raging Burn of Extremity, swallowing quantities of river mud and nasty grimy water, which I purroceeded to vomit up onto nice New Poang (which was mostly purrotected by bb2’s old patchwork quilt – Phew!) and the floor.

In the interests of decency, we decided not to publish pictures of my quite nasty upchucking. Sorry to all those who are disappointed:-)

As those of you who are catophiles will know, we have very sturdy digestions and are tailor-made to throw up at every opporchancity, so, almost before I knew it, I was munching on a very tasty treat and feeling the lerv.

I left it to fpu to do the Molly Weir bit with the Flash on the Amtico and sloped off upstairs for a bit of R&R.

I am not venturing far, just yet *wee shudder*

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Not long back, I may have heaped vile calumny upon the hapless head of m’Marmalade Chum (which isn’t like me) re his perceived inability to make use of Wilderness Catflap, or WC, as I fondly think of it.

Just this very day irrefutable evidence to the contrary was gathered by assiduous use of CatCam (not to be confused with callmedavecam) and, being the noble beast that I am and let no-one dare say otherwise, I hereby announce that Marmers, my oldest friend, is a paid-up member of the WC Club or WCC, which is a bit like the MCC but ever so much more entertaining which wouldn’t be difficult.

Anyone would rather watch him’n’me entering and exiting our WC than bloody cricket any day, surely…

Before doing anything rash, we take a shufti at The Wilderness…

then, a little demo by me…first the nose…

…then the head…

…then the middle bit, followed by the Magnificent Tail (though I say it myself as shouldn’t)…

…AND, here’s the purroof – MARMERS CAN DO IT!

Well, as you can imagine, it was a lot of excitement for one small kitty in such a short space of time, so poor Marmers needed a bit of a Lie Down in a nice dust bath and a tête-a-tête with his pet biped.

Gosh it was a bit of a Day and no misteak!

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It may be that there are hordes of fans out there just awaiting a Pond Update with bated breath. But just in case there aren’t, here’s something completely different.

Before we sank into a north-wind/volcano induced state of semi-freddo huddled-around-the-humming-radiator-ness, I sent the parental units off for a prowl around Cambo Gardens, not far from Crail. There was a teeny bit of disappointment over a visit to Cluny Gardens in Perthshire in April, the plan being it was The Right Time of Year to see Trilliums, Hellebores and Azaleas in full bloom: unfortunately the stress of a hard winter was not taken into account, and all but the ever-obliging and long-flowering Hellebores were snoozing deeply, unconvinced it was Spring. Well I’m with them on that one! Snooze is about the best thing a kitty could do as the temperature struggles up to 8º max.

Luckily there were a few Trilliums out at Cambo and it was almost time for their Tulip Festival, so that was worth a look…but deary me, it really isn’t Growing Weather just now. I feel myself shrinking into my fur coat as I type. (Can’t say the same for Marmers, whose shadow does not grow less!)

On the Pond Front, the water has cleared, the plants are surviving, we have around 7 Accidental Tadpoles and there are sundry beetles, boatmen, skaters and wiggly-wriggly microscopic scarlet wormy things to peer at.

I am proud to report that I have mastered the Wilderness Catflap and can now enter and exit Rolling Ells with dignity and decorum. My (much) heavier Marmalade Chum still scrambles undignifiedly over the fence, which is quite amusing if you like that sort of thing.

G next door gave us some surplus hanging basket plants, so, after a swift trip to Cupar Garden Centre (excellent homebakes) and the bending of plastic, we now have our First Ever Hanging Basket.

I’m almost excited…

Cambo photos.

Brrrrrrrrrr…I’m away to snuggle up to a roaring radiator.

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