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Look at these poor suffering prisoners! Immured at Cambo House near Crail, their lot in Liff is Hard Labour day in, day out. Their poor snouts are worn to the gristle with digging roots shoots and leaves. Their never-ending task – to clear weed-knotted ground of brambles, dockens, hogweed, creeping buttercup, bishop weed (or ground elder, depending on your foot orientation) and other nasties.

They need your support and sympathy!

Free The Tamworth Two!

mpu is sixty-two

happy birthday mpu

DISCLAIMER: No resemblance between an mpu and a pig is intended or implied in any way whatsoever.


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It may be that there are hordes of fans out there just awaiting a Pond Update with bated breath. But just in case there aren’t, here’s something completely different.

Before we sank into a north-wind/volcano induced state of semi-freddo huddled-around-the-humming-radiator-ness, I sent the parental units off for a prowl around Cambo Gardens, not far from Crail. There was a teeny bit of disappointment over a visit to Cluny Gardens in Perthshire in April, the plan being it was The Right Time of Year to see Trilliums, Hellebores and Azaleas in full bloom: unfortunately the stress of a hard winter was not taken into account, and all but the ever-obliging and long-flowering Hellebores were snoozing deeply, unconvinced it was Spring. Well I’m with them on that one! Snooze is about the best thing a kitty could do as the temperature struggles up to 8º max.

Luckily there were a few Trilliums out at Cambo and it was almost time for their Tulip Festival, so that was worth a look…but deary me, it really isn’t Growing Weather just now. I feel myself shrinking into my fur coat as I type. (Can’t say the same for Marmers, whose shadow does not grow less!)

On the Pond Front, the water has cleared, the plants are surviving, we have around 7 Accidental Tadpoles and there are sundry beetles, boatmen, skaters and wiggly-wriggly microscopic scarlet wormy things to peer at.

I am proud to report that I have mastered the Wilderness Catflap and can now enter and exit Rolling Ells with dignity and decorum. My (much) heavier Marmalade Chum still scrambles undignifiedly over the fence, which is quite amusing if you like that sort of thing.

G next door gave us some surplus hanging basket plants, so, after a swift trip to Cupar Garden Centre (excellent homebakes) and the bending of plastic, we now have our First Ever Hanging Basket.

I’m almost excited…

Cambo photos.

Brrrrrrrrrr…I’m away to snuggle up to a roaring radiator.

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glossy cobalt crail jug

proud-as-punch springcarolling




carol kimbell’s bowl

sweetie paper wrap

could the green ones be soor plooms?

feel the licorice

cosy crochet hug

for shiny twinkly crotchets

all buttoned up snug

This is what happens when the ground freezes for a week. Things get out of paw. Someone gets into gardening scruff order every day and dares the glowing sun to un-freeze it, but the sun says I’m shining what more could you ask?

All the little waiting plants shudder in their pots and whisper coldly to one another – Orkney was never like this, oh no.

The snowdrops eke out their opening hoping for warmer toes and a cosier bed. The hellebores bow their heads ever lower and snuffle sadly as their drooping leaves turn brown where they touch the cruel earth.

Try as he might, m’Marmalade Chum’s mighty fat-pugged dog-like digging efforts become feebler and his floorfurniturewindowsill-covering abilities are stymied. Almost…

We’re all in stasis…which is not a rib-wrecking whaleboned undergarment but a state of breath-holding inaction.

Spring? When will it?

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Crail Harbour

One of the many wonderful things about our new Kingdom, apart from vertical trees over 12′ tall, sunshine, Sainsbury’s, the Fife Coastal Path and sunshine – sorry I may have mentioned sunshine before…we’re not used to it you know – is the glorious Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, whose bible is The Yellow Book.

The Yellow Book lists all the private (and some public) gardens open for charity, the dates each is open, where to find them, how to get in touch if need be and which charities will benefit.

We’ve already ‘done’ The Secret Gardens of St Andrews; Wormistoune House (Crail); Cambo House (Kingsbarns); Earlshall Castle (Leuchars); Crail Burgh and  Strathkinness Village Gardens.

It’s all terrifically well organised. Each village produces a map with the open gardens numbered, which is available from either one central point (like Strathkinness Village Hall) or several; you get a sticker showing you’ve paid; each participating garden is well marked with yellow signs and balloons tied to fences/railings/gates/trees; garden owners wear an identification badge so you can buttonhole them and give them a good grilling on their pride and joy; there is usually a plant sales table in one and a tea/coffee/cake/strawberries&cream in another – the pièce de résistance so far has to be the strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain in a magical garden behind a mediaeval house in St Andrews! That’ll be hard to beat…

Mostly, taking photos seemed a waste of looking time, but here are some of  Crail’s sylvan delights from the last weekend in July…

Crail Open Gardens

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