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Oh the vile calum-ny that has been brought down upon my innocent head!

How I have pleaded and begged, nay grovelled to try and clear my good name of this awful Crime, and all to no avail. There’s none so deaf as those that will not hear.

You know who you are.

I am trying to rise above it all and forgive my accusers, but it’s not easy.

A big cat done it and ran away…

Oh the Horror! Rico Baby cotton everywhere and the Sacred Bag breached. Who or what could have done such a thing? Loyalty forbids me grassing up (I believe this to be the correct terminology) a mate, but – IT WISNAE ME!!!

Look at dose biiiig innocent eyes: I ask you, members of the Jury, how could you ever think KC would be capable of the crime(s) in question.

I’m willing to accept a Flea Bargain – I’ll admit to the burrd if you drop the other charges.

It was only a wee speug, after all…


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