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It’s been an interesting ‘summer’ in the Museum Courtyard, what with the ongoing weeding, the depredations of the May gale, the miserable damp weather and the Installation by Keiko, which is the best thing to happen so far, because Keiko  likes plants and has shown true respect for all the tiny things growing between the cobbles.

Which is more than can be said for a few brats…

She has even put protective bits of ballast and old roof tile around some that might otherwise have been trampled by careless feet coming to look at her work.

The feet purrobably weren’t doing the looking, it was much more likely the persons attached to same… Clarifications&Corrections R Us.

This sunny box under the wooden walkway suffered least from the wind and the lobelia and nasturtiums went a bit mad. But in a nice way.

These plastic ‘window’ boxes, probably kindly donated, are too small to hold their water and were very badly hit by the storm, just after planting. A bit stunted, but hanging in there. Watered regularly by Coull Deas MBE, fisherman retd age 86. Some kid!

Fishermen’s Association Pittenweem fishbox with rampant nasturtiums. The lobelia, alyssum and pansies got a bit swamped, but the bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies love nasturtiums and Empress of India trails everywhere in an artistic sort of way.

The fenders, nets, kist, basket, ballast and rope look in keeping, but possibly not the watering can and wheelbarrow!

Just to round things off, here’s a gratuitous photo of Reaper’s sail, hoisted at a recent event in Newburgh, taken from the companionway.


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WordPress is playing silly beggars with me and not letting me arrange my pics as I purrlease. I am slightly irritated, but nothing a small Laphroig won’t put right.

Wait just a cotton-pickin minute, cat’s don’t drink whisky;  it’s almost as if someone is using me as a medium to reach out to the World, but that can’t be right, can it? I feel a bit spooked…

Anyway, above and below this text which may or may not be being brought to you by a very distinguished kitty, are two images of my mate Marmers, sunning himself in the herb gerding this afternoon: it felt like summer, and we flang the doors open wide to let the warm pellucid air into CookieCutterCottage.

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at last!
a pond skater
spring’s sprung!
three glass balls
elin isaksson
traps the light
white hellebores, hoods a-glow
nodding in the shade
“we bring light” they seem to say
smiles brightly down on
sky-blue squill
electric lungwort
aahs over mossy paviors
at purple primmy
tiny buddos bursting out
two montanas a-
shinning up the pergola

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My (brief) Film Career

Well. Even briefer than I thought. This site does not allow ‘this type of file’ to be uploaded ‘for security reasons’ so, unless you are a Facebooker, you may never see my refulgent pulchritudinousness in movie form. Ever. I can only hope you are all (all six of you) strong enough to bear up under such disappointment.

A couple of weeks ago fpu was out at Cambo to see the snødrops and asked camera-savvy daughter of accompanying friends which was the video setting on digicam. Being now au fait as it were (though the editing is more miss than hit due to a lack of intuition) naturally I was the first subject to be committed to fillum. (ed. No you weren’t, that was the strangely beguiling art installations in Cambo outbuildings).

As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, I was almost the first subject to be committed to fillum, being rudely usurped by a container of rattling snailshells, some clanking hanging bits of pottery and a load of metal pipes with water playing over them. For which aberration I can find no sensible explanation whatsoever, which sentiment I am sure you will endorse to a purrson!! Well you will if you know what’s good for you…

So here are a few Spring pics taken in Rolling Ells last week. Not nearly so enticing I know, but needs must.

Marmers would like you to know that his tail is healing nicely and, where was purreviously a HOLE, is now a tiny red dot, disappearing rather like a slow-mo version of the old telly black spot.

The weather has been very disappointing lately, and the outdoor jumble sale for the Reaper yesterday in Anster resulted in frozen fingers and toes and damp stuff, even with the shelter of the open boatshed doors.

Would it be too much to ask the bloody sun to shine more than three times this month, here on the sunny side of Old Scotia?

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Look at these poor suffering prisoners! Immured at Cambo House near Crail, their lot in Liff is Hard Labour day in, day out. Their poor snouts are worn to the gristle with digging roots shoots and leaves. Their never-ending task – to clear weed-knotted ground of brambles, dockens, hogweed, creeping buttercup, bishop weed (or ground elder, depending on your foot orientation) and other nasties.

They need your support and sympathy!

Free The Tamworth Two!

mpu is sixty-two

happy birthday mpu

DISCLAIMER: No resemblance between an mpu and a pig is intended or implied in any way whatsoever.

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Exhaustion is settin’ in…my wee paws are tippy-tappied into calluses with all this bloggin’. I think I may be suffering from blogghorrea. If there is a cure, someone tell me quick, or it may be a one-way ticket to Liff for KC!

So, anyway…let me take you down/’cause I’m going to/Falkland in Fife/everything’s real and nothing to get hung about/Falkland in Fife forever…

Scotland’s Garden Scheme – Open Gardens is hastening towards the end of its year, and a jolly good one it has been too, though we had to miss Crail in July because of a Very Special Occasion, involving royal blue silk, red envelopes and cupcakes. Only one or two to go…

Last weekend was Falkland’s turn to open its garden gates for charity  and we managed to visit 10/11 before flagging in the heat.

Nobly avoiding the temptations of the Bruce’s beer garden…

This is how Open Gardens welcome in the visitors (and stop people getting lost) – you get a map too, but don’t for heaven’s sake, let fpu loose with a map. Round, like a circle in a spiral/Like a wheel within a wheel/Never ending or beginning. You get the picture. Mpu gets the map.

My favourite three coincidentally involved resident cats, two happy and one in a bit of a huff, “because people have been bringing dogs into her garden” and quite right too. I know how that feels! Poor Poppy…

This is she and that’s her garden…

Steeply terraced, Poppy’s garden has everything, from a hammock, to a Shady Grove, to a Mediterranean sit-ootery, cleverly made from a ruined cottage.

Then there was Ginger’s garden (I’m awfully sorry that no-one thought to ask Ginger’s name, as usual, I blame the Staff)…there’s ‘Ginger’ posing like a pro…

and this is his (or pussibly, her, though you know what they say about ginger kitties and look at my mate Marmers) outdoor residence…

It’s not real you know. They don’t usually wear shades…

You can see why Ginger was so relaxed – nae Dugs Aloud:-)

Purrobably the most favourite was B&W Kitty’s happy home, as it was so colourful, varied and made such good use of every available nook and cranny. It also supplied endless entertainment for a feline, as you will see…

Henaria Callas gien it laldy

Dinner-dipper, admirably placed to allow cataccess.

Is it edible? Can I muster the henergy to give it a nibble?

Nah, cannie be ersed, I’ll just do ubercute instead.

I may have conflated a couple of gardens in the interests of artistic licence, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story line, I say.

There was a visit to Wormistoune House earlier in the summer, but it missed the bloggin’ boat, so here’s a Slide Show. It may be a bit repetitious in places as I got scunnered with the down/uploading and editing thingie after several eons. Just regard it as moving wallpaper. I know I do…

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…started with a BANG! – quite a lot of bangs really – which magnificent display the pu’s were able to watch from a walled garden on the hillside. Seeing a parade of Chinese lanterns float into the clouds beforehand was quite excitin’ but unphotographable with tiny Catcam, so here’s one bang…

The weather was very mixed through the week, but never so dreadful as to Put Anyone Off, unless they were a total wimp. Just about every venue of over 90 was visited, but, this being our second PAF, some one or two were avoided because they were not quite our taste…

It’s very interesting to see how some folks develop their work and others…pretty much stick to the formula. Sometimes one was hard-pressed not to utter the words ‘Jackson Pollocks’ but it wouldn’t do if we all liked the same things.

Fpu was quite restrained and only bought one watercolour, a pottery leaf, three glass balls and a mug.

Favourite artist…Georgie Young

…and her garden which has taken two years to bring to its idyllic state of purrfection

Let’s go for a stroll in the ‘weem. At times it is more of a climb than a stroll, and very reminiscent of the Stromness Closes. Awfully good for the calf muscles.

Descending School Wynd. Full mountaineering gear recommended for the weak of head and leg.

Surely there should be graffitti  – ‘Asterix wuz ‘ere’ or somesuch.

Cute wee hairy dug and petunias.

Louise Scott, etcher, via North and South Ronaldsay and Glasgow.

Along the Shore Road

Seaside blues.

Susan McGill pottery at Number 30.

Poor man. Stranded and calling the Coastguard. How very embarrassing.

Kaneyuki Shimoosako on the harbour wall, looking…’at the structures fundamental to nature and adopting a minimal approach influenced by the Japanese Zen Garden and its sublime intention and philosophy.’ So there you have it.

a bit of a vista l

Number 90, invited artist Keiko Mukaide.

Net Installation by Fishermen of Pittenweem.

A bit of a vista ll

Ancient Stone Art. Title: Gizza Kiss Then (you know you want to).

A bit of a vista lll

St Fillans Cave. There was a sort of an installation in there, but we never quite got a round tuit.

Wildflower meadow in Cove Wynd

Cove Wynd

A bit of a vista lV

Tim Cockburn paints carousing kilted Scots like no-one else.

Last year the charity knits were knitted fishes and hung on a net on the harbour wall: this year, the theme was tea cosies, and I so wanted to post some photos of amazingly varied cosies, but someone took Catcam on the wrong day, when they weren’t doing Tea Cosy Teas and the church hall was shut! Maybe they’ll put some pics on the website…

What a fine notice. Beware Of The Cat. Every home should have one.

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