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glossy cobalt crail jug

proud-as-punch springcarolling




carol kimbell’s bowl

sweetie paper wrap

could the green ones be soor plooms?

feel the licorice

cosy crochet hug

for shiny twinkly crotchets

all buttoned up snug

This is what happens when the ground freezes for a week. Things get out of paw. Someone gets into gardening scruff order every day and dares the glowing sun to un-freeze it, but the sun says I’m shining what more could you ask?

All the little waiting plants shudder in their pots and whisper coldly to one another – Orkney was never like this, oh no.

The snowdrops eke out their opening hoping for warmer toes and a cosier bed. The hellebores bow their heads ever lower and snuffle sadly as their drooping leaves turn brown where they touch the cruel earth.

Try as he might, m’Marmalade Chum’s mighty fat-pugged dog-like digging efforts become feebler and his floorfurniturewindowsill-covering abilities are stymied. Almost…

We’re all in stasis…which is not a rib-wrecking whaleboned undergarment but a state of breath-holding inaction.

Spring? When will it?


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