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The Cupboard of The Sixth Happiness has not had a book written about it, nor has it been made into a film with the incomparable Ingrid Bergman, and yet, in its own small way, it has conferred joy!

It started out, as so many built-in presses do, without a true identity and with few shelves – indeed, only one shelf, and that a bit bowed in the middle, rather stuck with paint and neither an object of usefulness nor of beauty.

Its character was nondescript, its walls grubby, scuffed and covered in the builder’s original magnolia. No match for the strident Thatcher-blue kitchen it inhabited, its relationship with which resembled that of a Madge to a Dame Edna Everage, it was badly in need of a makeover. (Do I need to say the TB kitchen got its? No I thought not)

Mr Joiner two-doors-up replaced the shelf and added two more at one side, as requested, and all seemed well…

Then someone thought, ‘But what about the remains of the mdf cluttering up the Garage of Infinite Possibility? Could it not be manufactured by a clever person with time on his hands and many Useful Tools into even more shelves???’

Oh yes it could!

And here it is, covered in fablon fabuloso, awaiting replacement of all this stuff…

No sooner had it all been put back, than someone had a small think, and a head-scratch and pondered aloud as to whether the clever person might not utilise the very last bit of mdf to make just one more teeny weeny shelfette…

And so it was that the sad Madge cupboard reached its final transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, ugly duckling to swan, and any other transformative metaphors you care to employ. It is a veritable Dame Edna of cupboardliness, but without the vulgarity. And the gladioli.

The Cupboard of The Sixth Happiness is visited every day, and every day without fail, it engenders a little inner “ooooo”.

I would like to take this opporchancity to exhort everyone to cultivate and nurture their inner ooooo, even in times of trouble. It may only be a cupboard to you, but to at least one inhabitant of CookieCutterCottage it is a small joy.


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