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That’s us back from our hols then. And jolly nice they were too. The pu’s swanned off in Cattle Class on a 757 200 series to soak up the sun in Gran Canaria, but Marmers and me, for about a tenth of the price, lolled around in Mrs Pugh’s Secret Garden bein’ purrshipped, as is only right and purroper. Only the best behaved felines get to stay at Kingask you know. The badly behaved get their marchin’ orders and have to slink off down the drive with all their worldlies in a spotty bandana on the end of a stick…honest…

Anyway, before we left on our various purrambulations, the pondhole was lined with old carpet underlay…

…ready for the butyl liner, which we discovered is not just any old butyl, but Swedish butyl. We’d like to know if the Swedes are purrticularly into rubber, but someone forgot to ask Cap’n P if this was so…Tcha!

water goin’ in…

…and a bit more in…

…and even more in…

me testin’ the water quality (ever since landlady mentioned Just William, I’ve had a bit of a purroblem with my g’s)

makin’ a full and exhaustive inspection of the pond site

time to switch off the tap…

…and trim the edges


All fine and dandy. But then, just when I thought, what with all that inspectin’ and testin’ and whatnot, I had deserved a wee rest, I was set to sewing mailbags in the Sewing Room upstairs. Fourteen so far and no end in sight. I tell you, I was beginning to feel like a limp dishrag and a wet weekend in Largs all in one – the iniquity of it! Slavery was banned long ago I felt like saying but didn’t becuz I know where my Whiskas tins come from, oh yuss.


not the sort of Toyota a cat purrfers to be associated with

one of those Orkney car boot sale ‘treasures’ which eventually has a use – best Irish Linen Suture Thread…

sewing mailbags

that’s it stack ’em high, don’t mind me and my poor wee paws *sigh*

At last, after much hard labour, I was allowed to put my poor paws up and relax in the sunshine to a bit of Classic FM.

How quickly a dream holiday can become but a distant memory…Gran Canaria


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