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It was twenty years (ish) ago today

Cap’n Barney took the band away

He’s been goin’ in and out of style

But he’s guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you

The tar you’ve known for all these years

It’s Cap’n Barney’s Sailing Charts Pub Band!

We hope you will enjoy this pic

It’s Cap’n Barney’s Sailing Charts Pub Band

Sit back and let him do the trick

Cap’n Barney’s Sailing, Cap’n Barney’s Sailing

Cap’n Barney’s Sailing Charts Pub Band.

It’s wonderful that he’s here

It’s obviously a thrill

He’s such a lovely audience

We’d like to take him home with us

We’d love to take him home…

Thank goodness my Sgt Peppers cd includes the lyrics. There’s nothing more to add really. Pawtrait of the Sailor as a Young Man. Reproduced here with kind purrmission of the photographee, who would like to draw attention to the ship’s victualling priorities of the youf of the day, which seem to be mainly liquid. Tuts! We are all teetotal here ye ken…aye right.


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