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Ainster’s Lifeboat Gala was a very jolly day out – and also a lucky one. The weather was purrfect and conducive to dilly-dallying, buying stuff and eating stuff. (The following day it p***ed down unrelentingly).

Mpu bought a book, Square-Riggers The Final Epoch by Alex A Hurst. Fpu bought a blue handknitted matinee jacket with choo-choo buttons. They both ate kippers in rolls, which was a first. Folowed by a couple of Mister Whippy cones, one with raspberry sauce and the other with chocolate.

There was a display of magnificent Honda Goldwings on the prom, but the light was in the wrong direction and not even the mad tweakings of iPhoto could make them viewable. However the above pic illustrates the average age of the owners… Fpu admired the acreage of black leather. And I don’t want to know why.

The jazz band, as might be expected, was of an even more venerable vintage and was fine, apart from the sax which sounded like it needed a rebore.

Fpu won a can of Coke on the bottle stall. Sharing it with mpu meant lessening the grossness of the sugar attack, which is alleged to be 6-8 tsps per can. Shudder. I don’t eat sugar. Its bad for my pearly white fangs…

Some bipeds, who’s pearly-whites are rather less-than are going to sign on with a fang farrier tomorrow. Cats don’t require such unwonted attentions *smug mode*.

Fpu won a picture in a raffle at an amateur art exhibition up the road. The nice lady who phoned said it was a bird on a feather. It turned out to not be a bird perched on a feather, but a bird painted on a feather.

I leave you with that thought…


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