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A Flying Day Out

Lancaster flying over the crowd.

Lancaster + crowdI really don’t know where to start.

Me, iPhoto and WordPress have been having a wee bit of a tussle, a stooshie, a virtual stramash this last two days. I have restarted, ForceQuitted and tried to jettison Flash Uploader plugin (no don’t worry, I haven’t an effin clue what I’m on about either!). I have sweated until my fur was matted and staring. As was fpu.

As you can see above, I have now down/up/sideloaded one photo. And it only took a few hours of hissin’ spittin’ and fur-tearin’-oot…

So. On Sunday I moseyed along to RAFLeuchars for the annual Air Show (airshow.co.uk) with the parental units. We went in Purple Sweetie. Which may have been a mistake…

It was a stunner of a day – peerless blue skies, a light breeze and the venison burgers from the Gourmet Kitchen van were uberyummy.

Those better purrepared had brought folding chairs, picnic rugs, eskies, hats, even small tents. Those less well purrepared sat on fpu’s quite new jacket and mpu’s ditto fleece on the lumpy grass – from 10-is am to 4:30-ish pm. Brutain’s hardy sons, as Para Handy would say.

Here (pussibly) are a great deal of photos for the Older Generation, who I believe are gettin’ a bit agitated what with the waitin’ and all.

When I click on ‘Publish’ all I can say is, these images better be there or I will be an ex kitty, affmaperch, stiff&cold.

The whole long day was excellent. The three hours spent sitting in the car going nowhere on the base were not. The RAF Corporal mpu accosted blamed the firm employed to run the car parks (getting parked on arrival was accomplished with military precision) and the one visible marshall from said firm blamed the RAF…what a fushionless bunch.

I saved the mighty Vulcan for last because it is the only one left flying in the whole wide world. That a thing constructed like a row of brick-built shithouses in a camouflage ballet skirt should bring a lump to so many throats is a mystery. But it was a most tremenjous and moving sight.

I hope this makes an old seadog very happy…


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