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It has been brought to our attention (mine and Marmers’) that our Antipodean pal, Roy, has been asking of our whereabouts over on MadLamb’s blog (that’s what it’s called, but we all know it is Mistpurr Spock’s blog really) so I thought it would be nice to update him on our doings and goings and comings as it were.

Having moved here to our new Wee Hoose, Lintrollersquoy, over on the sunny Firth of Forth in February 2012, we are purrty much settled in, though not really chuffed with all the upheavals re knocking down of walls, blocking in of doors, hoicking out of chimney breasts, building of sheddage and as for the garret…don’t GET ME STARTED!!!

The one bit of jinery of which we both appurrove is of course what Spock would call the ‘flappery’ in the back door, but the wild disruption of New Kitchen was almost a pawprint too far for cats of a nervously genteel disposition I can tell you!

This and the following photographs will be old hat to our Facebook Friends, but this is just for Roy…











I rest from strenuous sundry choppings, pokings and polishing the hearthstone



a warming New Year image for downunder


an extremely tasteful repurresentation of moi


St Andrews Day at the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther


Posing elegantly in front of Wee Stove: we have since moved all the logs and briquettes away from the stove on the advice of Lynn who sold it to us.

What lucky we posted this photo on Facebook or there may have been an unintentional conflagration and a short-lived residency in Lintrollersquoy.

Happy New Year to our Chum in a Land Downunder!


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I just thought it would be nice to go for a bit of a scan around from the roof of Auld Shed: it was a lovely evening, I was feeling bouncy & sproingy and in need of a teensy-weensie frisson of excitement.

So up I jamp

Now what, I pondered?

Strangely, when I decided what I would do, fpu’s response was less than favourable!

It wasn’t long before I discovered why. Within a nanosecond of fpu and digicam popping in our back door, Mrs G (ID concealed to avoid litigation) shot out of hers like one of those weather-people (one whose outlook is always overcast and showery) and I careened through the Flapperchancity as if pursued by bears.

Should you want to see my own ‘Thoughts of KC’ just do that mousie-hovery thing over each image.

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Boy was I a thrilled kitty to come in through the Catflap of Destiny and discover fpu had just finished preparing six bonny bylte lobsters: my timing, as ever, was impeccable. Or so I thought…

Lovely, just!

Whoosh! I was up there faster than a punter up a hooer’s draaers!

Don’t get aerated, it’s just wee bits o’ taes, ken:-)

Unfortunately, I disrememberated© munching on some gress all-too-recently *sigh*

So glad there was some left over…not complaining like, but that fpu was just a bit quick mopping up the womit: it was very fresh…

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I’m going to call it Tinkerbell. It has a collar and a bell – ptui!!!

It is insufferably cute in a black&white, dinky, feminine sort of way.

Marmers is acting like a very silly old cat: he mrrrrps, he meeps, he tries to prance along the fence and, in essence, he just looks bloody silly!

He is eleven human years old, stout in a Pooh-ish manner, with a decidedly floppy undercarriage and yet he persists in dancing, prancing and leering like a teencat. It’s DISGUSTIN’!!!

See for yourselves…

Well…I will tell you this, I never did see such brass neck! I was hardly under the gate before it was sneaking back into Rolling Ell.

No good will come of it, you mark my meaows.

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I am always rather puzzled by some of the things bipeds get up to in the interests of relaxation: me, I just curl up somewhere warm and have a wee purr with my lovely green eyes shut. What more could one want?

So here we are, all cosied up on the sofa in CookieCutterCottage, having a bit of a snugfest…

…however, when the view is extended, you will see Flickery Thing, with a picture of what I believe is a ‘lead singer’ (whatever that is) singing a ‘song’ (HA!) called ‘The Fog On The Tyne’ on something called an Old Grey Whistle Test. And, incomprehensibly for someone in a tiny hot studio behind a lift shaft, wearing what I believe is called a ‘beanie’ hat – though what they called it in nineteen-canteen, guid kens…

…and here I am doing my Feel The Lerv Look and doing it rather well, though I say so as shouldn’t.

I never did learn if the purrson in the beanie passed the test…though there was one interesting line about kippers which got my vote.

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M’Marmalade Chum has, for some time, been compurrlaining about having to use a cast-off patchwork quilt for parking his furry bahoukey on: he was most scathing about how it’s autumnal colour-scheme clashed with the delicately-hued cover on Ikea Poäng Rocker, his favourite sitting place.

Whilst I have had Jill’s Lovely Crochet Blankie since the very day we moved in to CookieCutterCottage, he has been Making Do with a non-colour-co-ordinated hand-me-down and feeling decidedly out of sorts as a result.

He likes to think he is a sensitive wee soul…

In a ridiculous piece of pandering to his pussly prejudices fpu decided to make a special seasidey-coloured grandma’s garden patchwork quiltlet…

This is it before it became covered in moulted Marmers-hair. A flimsy thing compared with my sturdy blankie, I’m sure.

For Frances – the huge mutant wedding quilt, which inexplicably became 8′ sq. and therefore covers not only bb1&Cub’s bed, but quite a bit of their bedroom floor also. I do hope they don’t mind me sharing it with such a small, select audience as this is!

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It has came to my attention that some of my fans are becoming rather too interested in the Marmers side of things: purrhaps I has bin a bit too generous with allowing his purrson to appear in my blog.

I am remedying this purrlous state of affairs forthwith! Time to redress the balance in favour of the handsomer one of us.

That’s me, just in case you felt like asking, “Who?” and risking a wallop around the chops in the purrocess…

There was a sunny day recently. No really, don’t laugh.

So I thought, why not have a quick wash and brush-up and give the Sun something to smile about.

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