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at last!
a pond skater
spring’s sprung!
three glass balls
elin isaksson
traps the light
white hellebores, hoods a-glow
nodding in the shade
“we bring light” they seem to say
smiles brightly down on
sky-blue squill
electric lungwort
aahs over mossy paviors
at purple primmy
tiny buddos bursting out
two montanas a-
shinning up the pergola

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Exhaustion is settin’ in…my wee paws are tippy-tappied into calluses with all this bloggin’. I think I may be suffering from blogghorrea. If there is a cure, someone tell me quick, or it may be a one-way ticket to Liff for KC!

So, anyway…let me take you down/’cause I’m going to/Falkland in Fife/everything’s real and nothing to get hung about/Falkland in Fife forever…

Scotland’s Garden Scheme – Open Gardens is hastening towards the end of its year, and a jolly good one it has been too, though we had to miss Crail in July because of a Very Special Occasion, involving royal blue silk, red envelopes and cupcakes. Only one or two to go…

Last weekend was Falkland’s turn to open its garden gates for charity  and we managed to visit 10/11 before flagging in the heat.

Nobly avoiding the temptations of the Bruce’s beer garden…

This is how Open Gardens welcome in the visitors (and stop people getting lost) – you get a map too, but don’t for heaven’s sake, let fpu loose with a map. Round, like a circle in a spiral/Like a wheel within a wheel/Never ending or beginning. You get the picture. Mpu gets the map.

My favourite three coincidentally involved resident cats, two happy and one in a bit of a huff, “because people have been bringing dogs into her garden” and quite right too. I know how that feels! Poor Poppy…

This is she and that’s her garden…

Steeply terraced, Poppy’s garden has everything, from a hammock, to a Shady Grove, to a Mediterranean sit-ootery, cleverly made from a ruined cottage.

Then there was Ginger’s garden (I’m awfully sorry that no-one thought to ask Ginger’s name, as usual, I blame the Staff)…there’s ‘Ginger’ posing like a pro…

and this is his (or pussibly, her, though you know what they say about ginger kitties and look at my mate Marmers) outdoor residence…

It’s not real you know. They don’t usually wear shades…

You can see why Ginger was so relaxed – nae Dugs Aloud:-)

Purrobably the most favourite was B&W Kitty’s happy home, as it was so colourful, varied and made such good use of every available nook and cranny. It also supplied endless entertainment for a feline, as you will see…

Henaria Callas gien it laldy

Dinner-dipper, admirably placed to allow cataccess.

Is it edible? Can I muster the henergy to give it a nibble?

Nah, cannie be ersed, I’ll just do ubercute instead.

I may have conflated a couple of gardens in the interests of artistic licence, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story line, I say.

There was a visit to Wormistoune House earlier in the summer, but it missed the bloggin’ boat, so here’s a Slide Show. It may be a bit repetitious in places as I got scunnered with the down/uploading and editing thingie after several eons. Just regard it as moving wallpaper. I know I do…

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Not long back, I may have heaped vile calumny upon the hapless head of m’Marmalade Chum (which isn’t like me) re his perceived inability to make use of Wilderness Catflap, or WC, as I fondly think of it.

Just this very day irrefutable evidence to the contrary was gathered by assiduous use of CatCam (not to be confused with callmedavecam) and, being the noble beast that I am and let no-one dare say otherwise, I hereby announce that Marmers, my oldest friend, is a paid-up member of the WC Club or WCC, which is a bit like the MCC but ever so much more entertaining which wouldn’t be difficult.

Anyone would rather watch him’n’me entering and exiting our WC than bloody cricket any day, surely…

Before doing anything rash, we take a shufti at The Wilderness…

then, a little demo by me…first the nose…

…then the head…

…then the middle bit, followed by the Magnificent Tail (though I say it myself as shouldn’t)…

…AND, here’s the purroof – MARMERS CAN DO IT!

Well, as you can imagine, it was a lot of excitement for one small kitty in such a short space of time, so poor Marmers needed a bit of a Lie Down in a nice dust bath and a tête-a-tête with his pet biped.

Gosh it was a bit of a Day and no misteak!

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Time, indeed high time, I thought to myself, that we got away from all that moilin’ and icin’ of grills and did something a bit more artistic, a tad more decorative and, let’s face it {as mpu will say} a whole shed-load more darn tootin’ handsome which I am when all’s said and done. Who amongst you would dare to disagree with the Monarch of Rolling Ells? See? I thought not…

a mere cat surveys his policies

catflap 2home catflap

I indulged in a bit of light supervising yesterday. Someone’s got to do it. It wasn’t just the sky that was blue, what with all the heaving and sweating and cursing that ensued, as fpu lifted, split and chucked several shrubs and mpu…TOOK DOWN MY PERGOLA OF OPPORCHANCITY! I was only just gittin’ used to having a Pergola – cat, for the entertainment of – and there it lay on the ground, its potential untapped. Virtually…there was one sparrow, but I may have mentioned that in passing…

On the plus side, I’m just as taken with my willow-leaved pear tree, so I clumb it whilst Marmers, whose avoirdupois does not lend itself to agility, crouched on Stone Bench, humming a little hum…

I gained some small satisfaction from noting that it took about three hours to get my P of O out of the ground where it had been sturdily planted by Purrevious Owner.

Meanwhile, I decided it was ‘nothing to get hung about’ and sat on my sunny perch soaking up the rays and thinking of this and that and what’s for tea and will I get my tummy rubbed later and is that nice Neil Oliver on the telly tonight…like you do.

There really must be a way to get onto that Pigeon Fancier’s shed roof. I’ll have one of the b*****s some day, see if I don’t!

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