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I wull tell you this, the noise! the stour! the Disruption! It was awful.

Fpu swanned off to St Andies and Guardbridge, leaving m’Marmalade Chum and me to face the music. And the end result??? A huge draughty hole in the sitting room wall! Wtf was that about? And what is a sensitive feline to do?

This is what we did. Purrfectly sensibly, we decamped to the spare bedroom and curled up on some old friends. Like you do…

comfee and cosee and trying to ignore Things Going On Below

Here’s lookin’ at you…Marmers, put your tongue away!

Marmers shows his disdain and also his lovely clean toothypegs.

All quiet today so far…


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It’s been an interesting ‘summer’ in the Museum Courtyard, what with the ongoing weeding, the depredations of the May gale, the miserable damp weather and the Installation by Keiko, which is the best thing to happen so far, because Keiko  likes plants and has shown true respect for all the tiny things growing between the cobbles.

Which is more than can be said for a few brats…

She has even put protective bits of ballast and old roof tile around some that might otherwise have been trampled by careless feet coming to look at her work.

The feet purrobably weren’t doing the looking, it was much more likely the persons attached to same… Clarifications&Corrections R Us.

This sunny box under the wooden walkway suffered least from the wind and the lobelia and nasturtiums went a bit mad. But in a nice way.

These plastic ‘window’ boxes, probably kindly donated, are too small to hold their water and were very badly hit by the storm, just after planting. A bit stunted, but hanging in there. Watered regularly by Coull Deas MBE, fisherman retd age 86. Some kid!

Fishermen’s Association Pittenweem fishbox with rampant nasturtiums. The lobelia, alyssum and pansies got a bit swamped, but the bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies love nasturtiums and Empress of India trails everywhere in an artistic sort of way.

The fenders, nets, kist, basket, ballast and rope look in keeping, but possibly not the watering can and wheelbarrow!

Just to round things off, here’s a gratuitous photo of Reaper’s sail, hoisted at a recent event in Newburgh, taken from the companionway.

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M’Marmalade Chum has, for some time, been compurrlaining about having to use a cast-off patchwork quilt for parking his furry bahoukey on: he was most scathing about how it’s autumnal colour-scheme clashed with the delicately-hued cover on Ikea Poäng Rocker, his favourite sitting place.

Whilst I have had Jill’s Lovely Crochet Blankie since the very day we moved in to CookieCutterCottage, he has been Making Do with a non-colour-co-ordinated hand-me-down and feeling decidedly out of sorts as a result.

He likes to think he is a sensitive wee soul…

In a ridiculous piece of pandering to his pussly prejudices fpu decided to make a special seasidey-coloured grandma’s garden patchwork quiltlet…

This is it before it became covered in moulted Marmers-hair. A flimsy thing compared with my sturdy blankie, I’m sure.

For Frances – the huge mutant wedding quilt, which inexplicably became 8′ sq. and therefore covers not only bb1&Cub’s bed, but quite a bit of their bedroom floor also. I do hope they don’t mind me sharing it with such a small, select audience as this is!

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In a moment of Extreme Courage, fpu had a Good Rummage in the garage today and found the Black&Decker drill. After two years in bubblewrap, it was time to dust down Pig-Killing Club and mount it on the wall in CookieCutter Cott.

Being extremely right-handed, she surmised that PKC’s’s handle would hang to the right, so, choosing her spot carefully, she drilled two holes, inserted two plasterboard rawlplugs and screwed its bracket into place.

Lookin’ good! Feelin’ chuffed! (Not me – I was sitting in the sun thinking about stuff and having a wee streeetch.)

However, when fpu tried placing the club on the bracket, it rolled alarmingly and threatened to fall off. What could be wrong?

Oh. It was meant to sit the other way round… like this. Well, I just kept my furry head down. As you can imagine, twas l’air bleu and no misteak. And if I had a wee chortle© I kept it to myself. No point antagonising the Food Blob after all.

So, these plugs got bashed farther into the plasterboard (bashed – it’s a techie term, youse widnae unnerstaun, ken) and…

…plastered over with the help of Polly Filla.

Then the whole clamjamfrey was gone through again only a lot quicker this time…

…and Vanuatu Pig-Killing Club sits neatly on the wall near my favourite Poäng (but not too near).

What with that and yesterday’s Great Upheaval, when fpu exchanged every bit of furniture (and contents of two wardrobes) between Front Bedroom and Back, necessitating dismantling her bed and wrestling purrsonfully with recalcitrant sofabed, which unravelled itself at every turn, it’s been an excitin’ couple of days.

Time for a zizzzz…

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my that case was heavy!

new carpet smells a bit manurey...don't you think?

did I hear someone say "Get off that blanket!"?

So here we are and where are we? as Jeelie Piece’s staunchly ancient fpu would say.

Wherever we are, it is now officially Home. Forget the ¡Toast! me and Marmers are now well into the whole loff and have made it our very own. We have many tasteful crocheted blankets on which to snooze and, whilst some may say a cat may look at a Poäng but why would you let it sleep on it? I say poo-ey! what’s good for the bipeds is good for the kitty.

I find it a bit mystifying that we are strictly not purrmitted onto the bipedal bed, or indeed, into the bedroom, but such is Liff… White covers, I ask you…*sigh*.

Stairs are an interesting new concept to a cat brought up in Anorak Towers, a bungalow. Shame we’re not allowed up them…

In lieu of a dishwasher – as fpu says, who needs a mechanical one when you own the human variety – we have our litter tray, a loo in lieu one might say. Sometimes there’s no accounting for what bipeds say, but who am I, a mere cat, to quibble? As long as we get our three square meals, warm laps, cosy beds, nice blankies, and our lovely new Catflaps of Opporchancity, do we care? (Rhetorical. Not to be confused with Rhett Butler. Oops, thar she goes *THUD!*)

I also have my very own Pergola of Possibility, where the pu’s have thoughtfully hung the birdfeeders… Nice new Amtico christened within the fortnight. Blood does not stain it nor gralloch tarnish its loveliness.

We’ve had the odd tail-fluff and stand-off with some of the locals, but they mainly seem to know what’s what and we all rub along nicely most of the time. There are two d.o.g.s next door, but we never see them off their lead, so not a purroblem. I could take out the two of them with a Look!! Bravecat, that’s me! Whaur’s yer Mel Gibson noo?

Public purrs are due to The Cub, who passed on a crie-de-cœur re the disappearance, seemingly for ever, of iPhoto to babybiped1, who magicked it back into existence with one phone call. As Mia and I oftimes remark, you just can’t get the staff these days (though I think hers may be better qualified than mine:-)

There should be a sort of work-in-progress slide show at the end of this drivel. Kingdom Cat’s very own Housey-Housey Show. Brought to you by Cub/bb1/KC/Marmers Inc. May we all have a Lovely Liff!

Cookiecutter Cottage

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