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” I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of Rolling Ells too.”

And with that rallying cry ringing in my furry lugs, fpu went to do battle with six rather large heavy paving slabs, armed only with a pinch bar, a discarded tree stake, a house brick, a bale of soil improver and a pair of gardening gloves.

It’s amazing what a weak and feeble biped can do with a bit of leverage. “Don’t say I never learn from you!'” she exclaimed, upon mpu’s arrival home from Playgroup, “You’re always on about Levers&Rollers the well-known songwriting landscape gardeners, so you are.”

Mpu had come home via the Garden Centre in order to expand the CookieCutterCottage arsenal of rollers, and they spent a happy hour shifting the rather large etceteras into the Garage of Earthly Delights. With  a remarkable lack of bad words…

Purreviously, because my amanuensis has been too busy to help a poor abandoned kitty to blog, the Pergola of Opporchancity was erected into its new position…

…a load of pink gravel and black plastic was removed from the Herb Garden (use your imagination for goodness sake) and wooden edging put in place (old ship’s floorboards)…

…not one but two trellises constructed from shelving offcuts and fixed in place…

…and the pond marked out.

Apart from that and a bit of appliqué and a visit to Dobbies at Monifieth which cost mpu an armandaleg in compost, pebbles, grit, manure, potted bulbs and herbs, and where the lunch is plentiful and cheap (though not by the standards of m’Correspondent in Indiana!), nothing much has been happening.

Now we are back to freezing and the ground is too hard to work and all we want is to get Out There and Do Things!

Obviously me’n’Marmers get out there and do things every day, but that’s another story…


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