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A Teenage Cat’s Fanclub

Saturday was a most glorious day in more than one respec’. The sun shone from a clear blue sky rather reminiscent of the Wrong Shade of Blue that briefly pertained to the kitchen at CookieCutterCottage, the air was balmy and a senior member (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) of my and Marmers’ Fanclub arrived at this our place of temporary domicile, bearing gifts.

And what gifts they were! Never before in the annals of FC/KC/Marmers/SC have we been showered with such delicacies. Sheba Gourmet tins, tiny and delicious…and chewy treats which even tempted a nervous Marmers away from his studious Fence Staring to allow himself to be propitiated in a manner seldom seen. Though MadLamb came very close…on both counts…

Tasty Treats from Eek

I of course allowed myself to be skritched, being a fearless feline. In fact, I imagine I overheard the words “Ya Big Sook” at one point, but no…surely not! It was merely natural politeness that lead me to abase myself in a furry purring heap. I adore getting into things and then getting out of things rather in the manner of Eeyore’s burst balloon and the empty Hunny jar, so the basket was a temptation irresistible.

I like to think we Did Our Best in fostering good relations between East and West anyway. What can a cat do, more than that?


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