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Perils lurk in the Big Outside World of which a mere cat knows nothing.

It’s bad enough slipping slinkily out of one’s own Catflap of Opporchancity into one’s own Rolling Ell of a morning to find BBC teacosied malevolently under our bush, and having to call for back-up, without the need to go Farther Afield into towns and suchlike Scary Bits.

And, let me tell you, even fpu is not secure from the blandishments of Vile Capitalism: I knew we shouldn’t have let her go down to the end of the town without one of us.

It was only a trip to the Dump in Cupar: only a sudden decision to turn left out of Coal Road instead of right across endless traffic with the intention of using Lidl’s car park to do a U-ey: only the inadvertent thought, ‘I need olive oil’ – and look what happened!

Now, I may be just a innocent kitty, but that looks like a lot more than olive oil to me…

…but it is very comfee, and…

…Marmers purrefers Poäng, being of a more solid build, in both respects…

I purractice my Death-ray eye effect on fpu…

…and collect a few clumps of high-quality fluff for a gnat’s cushion…

…with the owner’s Full Permission would I lie to you? (Yes! ed.) NO!! I’ve no idea why that went red but it looks quite Cheery, so stet, A-men and suchlike.

I use my furry hammock (the £5:99 one, not Marmers:) all the time. It hangs on a Roaring Radiator and is extremely snugglesome.


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