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A hole in the ground, so big and sort of…er…oblong, as Bernard Cribbins did not say.

It freezes quite a lot in Fife, in my limited experience thus far. I’ve noticed how frustratin’ it can get for a certain biped when all it wants to do is rip up the lawn, dig a big ‘ole and reclaim ground for a sitooterie above the raging torrent. The jolly cry of “Oh bugger!” rings out in unison with the dull thdunk of spade glancing off permafrost. But it does defrost every now and again…

Oh, before I bore you with the photographic evidence of all this earth-moving activity, there’s a rather nice fluffy conifer perched right over said babbling brook, which I get sudden crazy urges to climb in a madcattish sort of way…it’s how I like to add a smidgin, un petit frisson of excitement to the otherwise mundane lives of my resident staff. Will I plunge into the fast-running current and be swept away never to be seen again, my pitiful meaows growing ever fainter as I’m carried out into the Firth of Tay to be drownded in the briny deeps?

As if!

Ah well, it keeps them alert. And, as we all know, the nation needs more…

Back to the matter in paw.

First the grass was stripped off Front Pocket Hanky, leaving an interesting shape. well maybe not interesting as such, but definitely a shape. Then some of the turfs were inserted into where certain large slabs used to be. Then the Big Hole was dug and most of the spoil dumped outside the Back Gate through the Pergola of Opporchancity. Yesterday 11 metres of hessian, which should have been 10 but someone’s finger slipped while ordering from here arrived, and the pondliner is expected daily from here. I try not to get bouncy with anticipation, but I do so miss my leetle froggy friends!

Now for the photos. Try not to get over-excited. I know it’s not easy.


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