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This is what happens when you’re a famous feline. The Paparazza insists on dogging your every pawprint. Sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

However, I have my get-out claws. Feline Run!

After this purrticular intrusion into my Zen-like contemplation in the Sunroom of Transience, I felt the need to exit the purremises in search of solitude. Not as easy as it sounds…

First of all I wander out into the sunny garden, but still she haunts me, so there’s nothing for it but to go for my un-patented escape tunnel. As I slink under the fence, disappearing bit by bit like a Cheshire Cat in reverse, nothing remains but the tip of my fluffy tail.

Meanwhile, Marmers is wandering aimlessly about, doing a bit of bird-watching, humming a tuneless little hum, when he too decides to take time out. Just as my tippy-tail is slipping out of sight, he spots it and follows me down into the foetid jungle. Is there no escape?

If you’re curious enough to view the following Slide Show, I hope you notice what an extremely tight squeeze it is, as he forces his fat furry form down my purrivate bolt-hole

In the end I gave up and rejoined the patarraza, leaving m’Marmalade Chum to find his own way home. I am not my plump chum’s keeper after all!

Kingdom Cat’s Great Escape


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