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We’ve been a bit lackadaisical of late, fpu and me, but we’ve Pulled Ourselves Together, managing not to go to pot in the purrocess (though I believe we do know someone who Grows Their Own {shockin’}) and have slaved long and hard to download photos, upload photos, sideload photos – blimey, photowise I don’t know if I’m comin’ or goin’. Not nice for a kitty of delicat sensitivities I can tell you.

Last week was our first and most certainly not our last Pittenweem Arts Festival. A thing of beauty and a joy to behold, from the sublime to the ridiculous with the occasional Bulgarian Atrocity thrown in for good measure. From professional to amateur, from water colours to oils, from knitted fish to tortured fabric via chainsawn wooden apples, it was all there.

There are those for whom every brush stroke counts and those for whom too many brush strokes count for nothing.

Eighty-eight venues. And we visited every one during a four day odyssey. The good folk of the town had rented out their front rooms, back rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, attics, basements, gazebos, garden sheds, conservatories, garages, empty shops, church halls, community halls, an actual church, marquees, awnings…the venues outshone the art at times, they were so multivarious.

Here’s Harry Porter writing in the East Fife Mail – ‘…I also witnessed the uttering of one of the greatest sentences ever, as one art connoisseur educated his partner, “One must become obsessed with the object; only when one has achieved that obsession may one then start to deconstruct.” ‘


And here he talks about a couple he “…followed…for a while, lapping up the bool-in-the-mooth dialogue on how bizarre it was that people still hung their clothes to dry on outside lines”

So I’ve included a photo of that same bizarre occurrence in the slideshow. Embra folks, ye cannie beat them…it’s the banter ye ken.

I am sorry to report that I never got the opporchancity to snap a photo of  fpu’s Wednesday T shirt, which bore the legend GROTESQUE OLD WOMAN and which elicited some choice comments. Purrobably just as well…not for the faint-hearted.

Meanwhile, on the House Purrchase front, moolah from various accounts has been consolidated and next week will be lodged with the solicitors; two brand new Catflaps of Opporchancity bought; John Lewis scoured for floors, material, furniture etc and an air of expectation hovers like a miasma around our temporary living space.

Marmers and I are becoming quite excited about the purrospect of being given the Freedom of Ferryport.

We were visited by MadLamb and Mia’s female Staff yesterday and we’d just like to say very thank you for the hugely tasty treat. And the other nice things…

So, back to the ‘Weem and a wee slideshow…

Pittenweem Art Festival


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