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Twenty-one days…twenty-one flipping days! Call this winter? Where’s the green-ness, the dampness, the warmishness?

Coastal Living, coming to a magazine stand near you. Or possibly not.

Fpu is delighted to announce her printer ink  and Christmas cards are in a delivery black hole somewhere in Britain. Check status. Dispatched…Ho! Ho! Ho!

On the plus side, we are on mains gas and so far, nothing has broken down (paws, legs, tails all crossed touch fpu). On the minus side, we have a new cooker arriving tomorrow. Ha! And a Man arriving on Monday to fit it and take away the old knackered one. Ha! again. On the other paw, they are only coming from Standies and Balmullo respectively, so falling into a black hole is slightly less likely. Ish.

Here are some photos of the story so far…

26th November...the beginning

2/12 Day Three of digging out

2/12 Toytown shivers and optimistically puts out its bins

2/12 shoreline

7/12 Go away, I'm hunting!

9/12 watering can

17/12 moonstone pond

17/12 Life under ice

17/12 midday cat ice (aye right)

That’s the sort of cat ice no self-respecting cat would consider setting a paw on. Think I’m daft? Rat ice more like.

Marmers’ Rat Watch was unsuccessful – they just wait until he gives up, then pop out again to sample the fallen birdseed. Wir a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns.


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Time, indeed high time, I thought to myself, that we got away from all that moilin’ and icin’ of grills and did something a bit more artistic, a tad more decorative and, let’s face it {as mpu will say} a whole shed-load more darn tootin’ handsome which I am when all’s said and done. Who amongst you would dare to disagree with the Monarch of Rolling Ells? See? I thought not…

a mere cat surveys his policies

catflap 2home catflap

I indulged in a bit of light supervising yesterday. Someone’s got to do it. It wasn’t just the sky that was blue, what with all the heaving and sweating and cursing that ensued, as fpu lifted, split and chucked several shrubs and mpu…TOOK DOWN MY PERGOLA OF OPPORCHANCITY! I was only just gittin’ used to having a Pergola – cat, for the entertainment of – and there it lay on the ground, its potential untapped. Virtually…there was one sparrow, but I may have mentioned that in passing…

On the plus side, I’m just as taken with my willow-leaved pear tree, so I clumb it whilst Marmers, whose avoirdupois does not lend itself to agility, crouched on Stone Bench, humming a little hum…

I gained some small satisfaction from noting that it took about three hours to get my P of O out of the ground where it had been sturdily planted by Purrevious Owner.

Meanwhile, I decided it was ‘nothing to get hung about’ and sat on my sunny perch soaking up the rays and thinking of this and that and what’s for tea and will I get my tummy rubbed later and is that nice Neil Oliver on the telly tonight…like you do.

There really must be a way to get onto that Pigeon Fancier’s shed roof. I’ll have one of the b*****s some day, see if I don’t!

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